February 25th 2020

The Winter Night shelter for 2020 is now in Week 8 of 12, with a number of guests joining us, as referred by Broxbourne Council.  Some guests have stayed for just a few nights, some have been with us for a few weeks.

We have over 200 volunteers who help in different ways,  Рtransporting beds, setting up the room, making the beds, preparing and serving the food, welcoming the guests, talking to them and playing games with them, staying with them overnight, washing the laundry. All very important roles, which are much appreciated by the guests. Many thanks to all our helpers!

Support is given by the volunteers and by Broxbourne Council to try and help the guests forwards onto firmer footing after the night shelter finishes.

We are also working towards accreditation with Housing Justice as a night shelter, to demonstrate that we are working well and appropriately.