Prayer Points

Although you don’t need to be a Christian to either stay at the Broxbourne WNS or be a volunteer, many of us are. For those that pray we produce from time to time prayer points which will be published here as appropriate.

Saturday 11th January:

Thank you for your prayers for the winter night shelter and Peace Cottage, which have got off to a good start. We have had just one guest this week, and he has really valued being with us.

  • Thank God for the enthusiasm and good teamwork amongst the volunteers
  • Three guests were referred to us this week, but two of them did not arrive. Please pray for those two men, who needed housing support, that they find help elsewhere.
  • There has been some sickness in the council housing team and also amongst our volunteers. Please pray for health for all those involved, and for good medical support for those who are struggling with longer term health issues.
  • There have been some practical issues with the shower, the washing machine and the fridge at Peace Cottage. Please pray that all these get resolved for next week.

Wednesday 1st January:

Thank you to all of you who are praying for the Broxbourne Winter Night shelter and the daytime facility, Peace Cottage. This will be starting next week, and running for 12 weeks until 29th March.

  • Pray that the night shelter will get off to a good start, with guests being referred in time this week, so they can be helped from Monday next week.
  • Please pray for each of the venue coordinators at the 7 churches, that they will be kept in good health, and given the stamina they need for the full 12 weeks.
  • Pray for each of the volunteers, especially those helping for the first time this year, that they will find encouragements through their volunteering.
  • Pray that Peace Cottage will be a haven for guests during the day, where they feel warm, safe and valued, and where they can find help to move forwards in their lives.

Friday 20th December:

We are into the final preparations for the Broxbourne Winter Night shelter and the accompanying Peace Cottage, ready to start on 6th January:

  • Thank God for the generosity pouring out of our local community. We have had lots of gifts of bedding, towels, hats, gloves, jumpers, socks and underwear, and gifts of furniture and equipment for Peace Cottage. People have also been motivated to give financially. And numerous people are giving of their time. There are many caring people in Broxbourne, which is so heartening.
  • Please continue to pray that we will have enough drivers to take the beds from one venue to the next, early in the morning, especially on Saturday mornings.
  • Pray for the volunteers as they get Peace Cottage started. Pray that there will be a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the guests, where they are able to feel relaxed and valued.

Tuesday 10th December:

  • Thank God that over 200 people have volunteered to help with the Winter Night Shelter this year. We now have volunteers to fill most gaps in the rotas, but we particularly need more people to volunteer to drive the electric Foodbank van to take the beds from one venue to the next, early in the morning. Pray that we will find enough drivers.
  • Pray that each volunteer will enjoy the experience and will grow to feel confident in the role they have with the Night Shelter.
  • Pray that each guest who comes to the night shelter will feel loved, and treated with respect.
  • A day facility for the guests will be provided 11.00am until 2.30pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at the Quaker Meeting House in Hoddesdon. This will be called Peace Cottage. Please pray that this will be a real sanctuary for the guests, where they feel welcomed and valued, and can relax, as well as find support and help for moving forwards in their lives.